Appraisal services

Reading data in electronic vehicle components – due to the development of electronic vehicle modules, they are a source of important identification information. Currently, many controllers contain information about the VIN number, production date, number of programming and many others used in opinions and expert opinions. We have equipment for reading this data using the OBD connector as well as direct reading from the controller.

Analysis and verification of post-accident data reports prepared by other companies and insurance companies – currently pending cases related to motor claims settlement by insurance companies involve reading post-accident data in the form of reading the so-called CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) and frozen frames associated with the occurrence of faults. Based on the reading of these data and, in many cases, incorrect interpretation, to the detriment of the injured, TU try not to pay the compensation due to the insured by questioning their testimony. Our company supports people, experts and court experts in the analysis and proper interpretation of data, along with the creation of responses to the letters of the Insurance Company.

Expertise in the field of vehicle identification and interference with electronic data – an offer prepared for people dealing with cases of unauthorized interference with electronic components of vehicles, including mileage modification, identification number modification, system deactivation, etc.

Consulting services

Purchase and equipment of a car electronics / chip tuning workshop – are you going to open or expand your business with services related to widely understood car electronics? You don’t know what equipment to invest in at the beginning, how to start your adventure with this subject? We will advise you on the purchase of equipment, we will train and enable the comparison of many diagnostic and electronic devices and programmers. We will point out the advantages and disadvantages of individual devices so that your investment is not a bitter disappointment. We will train you to use any devices, we will indicate the places of purchase and we will offer competitive sales offers. We are open to partnership cooperation in the field of consulting services, assistance in the development of the company and mobile or online workshop support.

Car purchase – we provide services in the field of car inspection before the purchase. We make the inspection in our workshop from the mechanical, electronic and identification side. We will check the history of the vehicle and its current technical condition using professional equipment. In the case of very expensive cars, we are able to provide such a service by mobile.

Feasibility Study – Have an idea related to an electronic device in the automotive or related field? You do not know how to start a project, estimate its costs or determine if it is technically feasible? We are able to help you understand the concept, implementation and production process and estimate its costs. We support and willingly participate in the creation of new innovative products.