Designing electronic systems and PCBs

In times when electronics surrounds us at every step, we are faced with the problem of individual, specific use of electronic devices. Both in cars, intelligent home systems, alarms, and production lines, there is a need to use drivers, regulators and data acquisition devices. Often, individual solutions are financially more advantageous and better suited to the customer’s needs than universal devices. Our company designs electronic circuits both in the field of analog and digital electronics.

We have a number of devices made from various fields of technology.

We offer PCB design for unit applications as well as for serial production.

The scope of our services in the field of hardware:

  • Design of a complete device: schematic diagram, PCB

  • Assistance in completing started electronic projects

  • Consultations related to technical solutions in electronic devices

  • Assistance in starting electronic devices

  • Production of PCBs, assembly of SMD and THT components

If you have a problem with an electronic device or production line, do you need an idea how to solve the problem?
We can help you with that.

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Designing control algorithms, programming STM and AVR microcontrollers

When we encounter production automation and digital devices at every step, we notice the need to understand electronic devices or expand their functionality. Most of the devices and electronic circuits have microcontrollers or processors inside. They carry out a series of actions called an algorithm or program. Having a production line or a home appliance, we often have an idea to expand its functionality and communicate with it. There are several ways to implement such ideas. One of them is the modification of the algorithm contained in the existing, ready device, the other way is the expansion of the existing systems with a new controller, regulator or input or output module.

We offer you the construction of algorithms for control, data acquisition, information transmission or data archiving. We have experience in building complete electronic devices based on STM AVR microcontrollers. If you encounter a problem related to the expansion of the production line, electronic device, understanding the acquisition of information from the car, we will be happy to help you create a new device or modify existing solutions.

Zakres usług w dziedzinie software’u:

  • Implementation of algorithms based on STM AVR microcontrollers

  • Reverse engineering of CAN, CAN OPEN, LIN, K-LIN communication

  • Use of industrial communication

  • Construction of algorithms cooperating with ADC, SDIO, FAT, CAN, GPIO peripherals