What is chiptuning in commercial vehicles and what does it do?

Chiptuning / modifications of trucks and agricultural tractors – Professional modification of the contents of the controller memory responsible for controlling the parameters of the internal combustion engine. We offer modification of trucks and agricultural tractors. Chiptuning is designed to optimize engine operating parameters and select them for a specific unit. Improving the torque curve, especially in the most frequently used low and medium speed ranges, has a significant impact on the comfort of work and operating costs. Thanks to the increased torque, your vehicle will better cope with load changes. In addition, it is possible to work in a higher gear and lower revolutions of the engine, which with reasonable use can significantly reduce fuel consumption. More efficient work of your machine saves time and fuel.

Why with us?

We started our adventure with the automotive industry in this field – i.e. tuning both gasoline and diesel engines. Our research experience and services related to the processing of ECU files for dozens of workshops allowed us to gain experience in optimizing software controlling the operation of internal combustion engines. As part of the modification, we offer individual modification depending on the customer’s needs, taking into account the expectations related to the increase in torque and power. Each modification is preceded by comprehensive machine diagnostics and suggestions related to the proposed results. We have our own PTO dynamometer to measure power and torque.

The course of the software modification process in our company

  • Establishing price conditions

  • Diagnostics of the engine and components with logging of parameters and visual inspection

  • Measurement of power, torque and power on a serial program using the PTO dynamometer

  • Reading the controller memory contents

  • Modification of the driver content

  • Programming the controller with an individually prepared set of maps

  • Measurement of torque and power on a modified program with logging of important parameters

Check the answers to frequently asked questions

There is no clear answer to this question, because depending on the manufacturer and the components used, chiptuning is not always recommended or, in some cases, it may be operated very quickly. Having the appropriate experience, we will advise you whether a given engine has the potential and possibilities to increase power.

The answer is nothing special. As before any type of service, it is nice to receive a vehicle in perfect technical condition, which allows you to perform a test drive and brake. In the event of any ailments, we inform the customer and repair specific dysfunctions or invite you to another date after removing the problems on our own.

First of all, take care of regular oil service and filter replacement.

We always keep a copy of the serial program, if our customer would like to revert to serial settings, eg due to sales or other reasons. The cost of restoring the car to the serial program after more than a month from modification is PLN 100-150, depending on the method of saving. Additionally, in the case of agricultural tractors, travel costs to the customer should be added. In case of dissatisfaction or complaints, it is a free service.

For power and torque measurements, we use a mobile PTO dynamometer – which uses the power take-off shaft to couple it with the tractor.

The service lasts from 3 hours to the entire working day – depending on the type of driver, reading method, etc. In the case of extraordinary vehicles, the service may take longer.

Thanks to the mobile PTO dynamometer, we are able to carry out modifications at the customer’s site, therefore there is no need to deliver the agricultural tractor to the company’s premises.

We agree that there are many companies, including professional ones, that even have more experience. Our advantage is a few facts:

  • as a company providing chiptuning training and processing files to other workshops, you have a guarantee of quality and reliability, resulting from the independent processing of the program
  • as a company, we deal with detailed diagnostics, which allows you to accurately select and verify the settings for a given vehicle
  • we have been on the market for only a few years, thus being forced to use competitive prices
  • modifications and chiptuning are our passion, not only a way to earn money – we do not press for quantity, because other activities such as file processing, training and sales allow us to function well. We treat each modification individually, paying special attention to customer satisfaction

An example of one of our projects: John Deere 6150M

~620 Nm ➡️ ?~740 Nm, 140HP ➡️?180HP

The dotted line chart shows the capabilities of this engine (about 200 HP), however, according to the customer’s wishes, the service was performed at 180 km.